WATCH: ‘Scene katwaye, badtameezi ki’: Details about Alizeh Shah’s insulting attitude towards Yasir Nawaz

WATCH: 'Scene katwaye, badtameezi ki': Details about Alizeh Shah's insulting attitude towards Yasir Nawaz

Naveed Raza recently opened up about actress Alizeh Shah’s disrespectful behavior. He specifically mentioned the experiences he had with Shah on sets of Mera Dil Mera Dushman.

Actor Naveed was invited to Time Out with Ahsan Khan. He was accompanied by his fellow actress Maham Aamir. In a segment, Raza opened up about the Taana Bana actress Alizeh’s disrespectful behavior towards Yasir Nawaz.

He said that no matter how successful and talented an individual is, they must not cross the boundaries of respect. The actor said that Yasir is a big name of the industry. He has proven himself and his talent. ‘Who gives you the right to cut his lines?’ he said. He also said that Shah told Yasir that she won’t do certain scenes with him.

‘He was drying his hair and she asked him to sit away from her,’ he added. ‘This is straight away crossing your lines and disrespect. How can you give such a senior actor your opinions? At this point, you should be learning from him,’ he said further.

The actor said that she should’ve been thankful that Nawaz agreed to share a screen with her. ‘If a big actor is sharing screen with you, then you should consider it a blessing,’ he concluded.

Naveed Raza in the same interview also shed light on Alizeh’s attitude with actor Humayun Saeed. He revealed that Humayun was producing the drama and he requested Shah to cooperate. However, she was straightaway rude to him too.

Yasir and Nida’s interview

Earlier, Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir were a part of the same show hosted by Ahsan. Nida in the show opened up about how Yasir had a lot of difficulties working with actress Alizeh Shah. She said that the Ehd-e-Wafa actress was one of the hardest Nawaz has ever worked with.

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