WATCH: Nida Yasir hits another low as she takes ‘saas bahu’ drama to the TV

WATCH: Nida Yasir hits another low as she takes 'saas bahu' drama to the TV

Nida Yasir is once again in hot waters for her problematic morning show. However, this time she took it too far by arranging an arena for saas-bahu fight.

It seems like controversy follows Nida. The host is often made a target of criticism for the problematic content of her morning show. This time, she has done it yet again. After the Formula 1 trolls and her landing in hot waters over racist remarks, Nida Yasir is once again all over social media.

The morning show host on her show invited mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. The two were basically asked to ‘complain’ about each other in the show. This caused a lot of outrage among the viewers.

A social media user reposted clips from the show. In the video, the mother-in-law can be seen complaining about how her daughter-in-law didn’t come up to her expectations. She said that she asked the marriage bureau to find her a perfect wife for her son who is educated but stays at home.

The woman further says that although her daughter-in-law is pretty, she has no interest in the house.

Another user pointed out how the majority of her audience has the same mindset. Nida’s problematic content is only adding to the problem.

Nida Yasir’s morning show

Nida’s video clip from her morning show was all over social media previously. The video was an old one but it had resurfaced on the internet. Yasir had invited Babar Azam to her show. She was seen interviewing him about different things. The host questioned him about the kind of wife he wants.

The host proceeded to ask him questions. She concluded by asking him if he would be okay with a dark-skinned girl. ‘Would a dark-skinned girl be okay? Or do you want a fair girl,’ the host asked. Babar Azam said that he is ‘okay’ with anyone.

The questions were obviously offensive. The public is triggered after the video went viral once again. People think Nida’s comments are colorist and inappropriate. People also appreciated Babar for his calm and composed replies to the questions.

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