WATCH | Asad Siddiqui opens up about losing his first child with Zara Noor Abbas

WATCH | Asad Siddiqui opens up about losing his first child with Zara Noor Abbas

Actor Asad Siddiqui recently opened up about navigating pregnancy loss. He revealed how the whole situation deeply impacted Zara.

Asad and Zara Noor Abbas tied the knot back in 2017. Recently, in an interview with a media outlet, Asad opened up about the couple’s experience with stillbirth. The Sinf-e-Aahan actor said that it wasn’t a miscarriage but a stillbirth. ‘Zara actually delivered a five to six-month-old baby that I buried myself,’ he added.

Talking more about how hard it was, Siddiqui said that it was extremely tough. ‘It was a good thing when it was happening, but then there were some complications,’ he revealed. Discussing the impact on Zara, he said that she had ‘breakdowns.’ ‘It affects women a lot more as compared to men,’ he said further.

Adding more to the topic, the actor said that it does impact men but it is more difficult for women who have a life inside them. ‘They undergo bodily and hormonal changes. They have a connection that has already been established,’ Asad said.

Asad Siddiqui also revealed that the couple went through the hard time with their faith and hope. The couple believes that whatever happens, happens for the best. ‘God has his reasons for doing what he does. Yes there is sorrow, but the sorrow goes away once you realize that there is someone there taking care of things,’ he said. The actor truly believes that there is something better awaiting the two.

Asad also touched on numerous other topics including the mean comments on social media. He discussed how he often reads comments that pop up about, for example, people’s bodies. ‘You don’t know the reason behind someone’s bodily changes. What if they have gone through what we went through and has physically changed as a result of it?’ the actor questioned the haters.

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