Viewers call out drama serial Dobara for mishandling a sensitive topic like ‘harassment’

Viewers call out drama serial Dobara for mishandling a sensitive topic like 'harassment'

The Pakistani drama industry has been coming up with low-quality content lately. From dramas portraying a man hating on his wife for her curly hair to now drama serial Dobara mishandling a sensitive topic like ‘harassment’, it keeps getting worst.

Recently, the drama serial Dobara has caused a lot of public outrage after its latest episode aired. The drama started off with an unconventional theme. It revolved around a middle-aged woman taking control of her life after she was forced to get married at the young age of 16.

The theme of the middle-aged woman marrying a guy much younger than her was also uncommon. Numerous appreciated the drama for its extraordinary theme. However, the recent episode has disappointed many.

In the episode, the daughter in law accuses Mahir of sexually harassing her. This was done as Mehru Nisa’s family is against her marriage to Mahir. In an attempt to remove him, the family plots it against him.

This is extremely saddening to see how the drama has reverted back to the same old sexist tropes. Moreover, in a country like Pakistan, where it takes a lot of courage for women to speak up, such dramas only add to the problem.

People are questioning if the triggering scene was actually necessary. Viewers were not expecting this, especially from a drama like Dobara.

Social media users are pointing out the problematic scene. Kanwal Ahmed, the founder of Soul Sisters, also expressed how wrong the particular scene was. Taking to Twitter, Ahmed wrote, ‘Drama serial Dobara started off on such a beautiful note – but now using a false allegation of sexual assault as a means to turn the story around is a big no for me.’

She also wrote that such dramas are a problem because women who open up are accused of lying very frequently.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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