Viewers are enraged after husband slap’s wife for not ‘changing clothes’ in drama serial Angna [WATCH]

Viewers enraged after husband slap's wife for not 'changing clothes' in drama serial Angna [WATCH]

A scene from the drama serial Angna has caused a lot of outrage among the public. People are calling out the industry for frequently showing violence.

Angna is a new drama that started airing in 2022. However, this serial has the same old storyline and even includes a violent scene. The drama has a star-studded cast featuring actress Areeba Habib and Rabab Hashim.

While people are done with the same plots featuring a husband resorting to violence to convince his wife, it seems like the industry is not. A clip from the drama is making rounds for the same reason.

In the scene, a mother-in-law can be seen displeased with her bahu’s dressing choice. Her husband on the other hand earlier approved her dress and was happy with it. His wife calls him out for firstly liking her outfit and then telling her to go change. Zain, played by actor Ali Abbas, slaps his wife to convince her to change the outfit.

Viewers are enraged over the scene. Domestic violence is a serious and sensitive issue. However, despite the seriousness of the issue, it is portrayed without caution. People are pointing out how problematic Zain’s character is.

Social media users pointed out how absolutely unneeded it was in the comments section. A user wrote, ‘A slap was not needed. He could have convinced her in nicer words.’

Here’s what the public has to say:

Viewers enraged after husband slap's wife for not 'changing clothes' in drama serial Angna [WATCH]

Pakistani dramas were once known for their content. They were considered the finest because of their meaningful storyline. However, it seems like the quality of these serials has been disturbingly falling. These dramas have been making headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

Previously, a drama featuring Noor Zafar and Syed Jibran was called out for problematic content too. In the first episode, Jibran’s character is seen hating his wife’s curly hair. ‘Your hair in its natural state makes you look ugly. I never wanted to marry someone who is unattractive,’ Jibran says.

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