[VIDEO] Watch Umair Jaswal’s heartwarming revelations of his married life with Sana Javed

Umair Jaswal and Sana Javed, the highly adored Lollywood couple came forward with the news of their Nikkah on October 20. This shocking revelation was met with much enthusiasm from the couple’s cheerful fans.

Their wedding was truly a glorious affair, with beautiful pictures surfacing on social media.

In an interview with Mangobaaz, Umair Jaswal let his fans in on some juicy details about his married life. He also addressed questions regarding his and Sana’s relationship.

When the interviewer asked Umair how he had met Sana, he appeared to become joyful and his face brightened up.

 “God has been extremely kind with us,” he responded

The Gagar singer then spoke about he and Sana had been great friends for a long time. He described how marrying someone he has such strong chemistry with has been an enriching experience.

He added that even though they both have hectic schedules, they try to be around each other as much as they can.

CLICK HERE to watch the video of the Baatcheet session.

Spilling some more beans here:

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