VIDEO: Can Hadiqa Kiani make Mehru’s choices in her own life?

VIDEO: Can Hadiqa Kiani make Mehru's choices in her own life?

Hadiqa Kiani recently opened up about what she should’ve done if she was in a situation like Mehru. The host questioned with reference to her popular, ongoing drama Dobara.

Hadiqa is currently starring in the drama Dobara alongside Bilal Abbas. In a recent interview with a reputed media outlet, the singer was questioned if she would’ve done the same thing Mehru did. ‘The drama has started a lot of conversation about normalizing the marriage of a guy to a woman who is older than him,’ the host stated.

‘Being Hadiqa Kiani, would you have taken the step of marrying someone younger?’ She questioned. The actress replied, ‘If there would’ve been a Mahir in my life, I would have taken the step.’

Adding further to the topic, she said she has no Mahir in her life. However, if there was a guy like Mahir whom she was compatible with, then she would have gone for it.

‘I have a lot of other things going on currently which is why I haven’t thought about myself,’ Hadiqa added. ‘The day I get clarity, I might find someone. I would do it if I get the clarity,’ she said further.

The host also questioned Kiani about the actions one should take in this regard to change the public’s typical mindset.

Earlier in an interview, a host questioned the singer about her decision to do the role of Mehru in the drama Dobara. The singer-turned-actress said that she went for the role because she could relate to it. ‘I’m empathetic by nature. I know many women around me who could relate to it,’ she added.

The Raqeeb Se actress said that she runs a salon and so many ‘Mehros’ come to her salon. The actress revealed how so many women come to her at the gym or airport and tell her that they see Mehru in themselves. ‘Most of the time, their husbands are with them. But they blatantly open up about relating to her,’ she said further.

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