Usman Mukhtar under fire for a sarcastic remark to a fan’s question

The famous Pakistani actress Usman Mukhtar is under heavy criticism for a ‘sarcastic remark’ to a fan’s question.

The actor was doing a Q/A session on Instagram when a fan took a dig at his character Dr. Haris in his latest drama serial ‘Sabaat’. The fan wrote that his character in the drama serial is very ‘boring’. To this, Usman replied that next time, he will do a character who rides a bike in the ‘lucky Irani circus’.

How people reacted

However, his witty remark didn’t settle well with the public. People were outraged, and many even called him ‘rude’. Some asked him to accept that bitter reality that his character is indeed very ‘boring’.

Here’s what people had to say:

People fell in love with the actor after his role in the drama serial ‘Anaa’, as Altamash, and it seems like people had high hopes that he’d do an equally strong character in his second drama serial as well. However, it is pretty clear that people are disappointed by his character, and his witty remark only added fuel to the fire.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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