WATCH | Usman Mukhtar reveals how the criticism about Sabaat affected him mentally

The drama serial Sabaat ended recently, and all the audience has been talking about is its last episode. While the drama had a large fan-base, it also had a few loopholes, due to which many people criticized it a lot as well. However, the drama was concluded on a positive note, and the ending made the viewers very happy with the storyline.

Dr. Haris’ journey

Although the drama ended with some good feedback, it had its highs and lows, which made it the target of discussion on and off.

The role of Dr. Haris, played by Usman Mukhtar, was especially talked about again and again. Usman describes his journey on the drama as a ‘rollercoaster ride.’

The viewers were initially pleased about Usman being a part of the script; however, as the story progressed, people had issues with how it mishandled the therapist-patient relationship, adding to the taboo the country has about seeking therapy. But the issue was later addressed and somewhat clarified.

Another objection people had with Dr. Haris was that he was a ‘weak’ character. Usman was also confronted about this by a fan on his Instagram, to which he gave a very witty reply.

Mukhtar says that this constant like and dislike really impacted him mentally. At one moment, he felt good about the character he played, but the next, he’d be disappointed due to the negative remarks. Although the actor himself felt the role wasn’t frail, he said that he would still never do such a role again. The actor had high hopes for his character and found the role very different. The fans themselves had high expectations with Usman after his hit drama serial ‘Anaa.’

Usman Mukhtar thinks that since it wasn’t a ‘typical love story,’ people couldn’t see a connection between Miral and Haris. The viewers assumed a lot about his character, but they were proven wrong, and the ending added a new twist to the drama. Usman believes that people should learn about the characters gradually and wait for the ending before they judge.

Here’s Usman Mukhtar’s complete interview:

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  • Sahar says:

    Love u usman …. ur character was awesome ….

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