Ushnah Shah wants Pakistanis to stop ‘sexualising’ women’s bodies!

Famous actress Ushnah Shah took to Instagram where she shared a video of the popular TikToker Tizzyent. The TikTok user in the video reacted to a man who was judging a teacher’s clothing, calling it inappropriate because of her body shape.

Tizzyent couldn’t take the man’s remarks on the teacher and pointed out how he took the picture without the woman’s consent and instead of talking about how the woman is trying to educate children, the man couldn’t stop sexualising her.

Ushnah reposted the video and pointed out that if Tizzyent was in Pakistan, ‘his head would implode from the sexualisation of women.’

Shah then discussed how Pakistanis judge a woman based on her clothing. She told that when her friends wear shirts in fitting, it is considered ‘inappropriate.’ She also pointed out how in the country if curvy women wear fitted jeans, it is also considered super inappropriate. Moreover, the actress expressed that she believes the problem isn’t in the clothes, it is in the fact that women’s bodies are sexualised. She further added that men consider something inappropriate if the ‘attribute’ is attractive to them since they do not have control over themselves.

Shah is basically urging people to look at a woman beyond the lens of attractiveness. She wants the public to let them wear whatever they want without fearing they will be judged and sexualised over just because of their outfits.

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