Urwa Hocane opens up about her biggest regret

Urwa Hocane is an insanely talented actress who can pull off absolutely any role flawlessly. She is literally the life of the drama she stars in and she has proved it many times in serials such as Udaari, Mushk and more.

Hocane recently appeared in the show ‘Ghabrana Mana Hai’ hosted by Vasay Chaudhry. While talking about different things, the model stumbled upon what her ‘biggest regret’ is.

The actress revealed that her biggest regret is leaving the drama serial, ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ to work on Tich Button. She also told that she was given the role of Miss Hania which was one of the main and influential role in the serial.

Urwa mentioned that she had also a few scenes for the serial however, she had to leave for her film Tich Button as she had to shoot some immediate scenes with Mohammed Ahmed, who was playing the role of her father in the movie. Vasay also played some clips that the actress had shot alongside Humayun Saeed on the show.

The character of Miss Hania was executed by Hira Mani who played it perfectly and did justice to it. Hocane in the show told that she regretted leaving the role in the drama and still feels sad over it.

Mere Pass Tum Ho was a ‘record-breaking’ serial and garnered a lot of views. The finale of the series was screened in cinemas which is HUGE for a drama.

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