Here’s what Umera Ahmed has to say about ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ critics

Dhoop Ki Deewar, a story of cross-border lovers, is written by Umera Ahmed. The series star Pakistan’s favorite on-screen and off-screen couple Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir due to which many are eagerly awaiting the series.

Recently, the first official trailer of Dhoop Ki Deewar has been released and while numerous think that the story is a unique one, a number of people have objections regarding it. Twitter users have expressed their concerns saying that the story is not only giving a negative portrayal of Pakistan but also belittles the struggles of Kashmiris.

After a lot of negative comments, writer Umera Ahmed decided to address the issue herself. She took to social media, where she clearly explained that she believes in peace. She also mentioned that she sent the story to ISPR in 2019 and asked the team to evaluate it so that if they find anything problematic in it, she would amend it. Umera also revealed that ISPR not only approved the story but also called her for a meeting in Rawalpindi, where they discussed that they also have a similar stance towards the relationship between the two countries.

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