Twitter reacts to Noor Zafar’s drama claiming women with curly hair are ‘ugly’

Twitter reacts to Noor Zafar's drama claiming women with curly hair are 'ugly'

Pakistani dramas were once known for their content. They were considered the finest because of their meaningful storyline. However, it seems like the quality of these serials has been disturbingly falling. These dramas have been making headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

Need of the hour is dramas highlighting social issues and serials that are thought-provoking. On the other side, the Pakistani industry has been criticized for glorifying violence. And it seems like this wasn’t enough as another drama named Main Aisi Kiun Hun has come up with a plot that would leave you scratching your heads.

The drama stars well-known actors like Noor Zafar Khan and Syed Jibran in the lead roles. In the first episode, Jibran’s character is seen hating his wife’s curly hair. ‘Your hair in its natural state makes you look ugly. I never wanted to marry someone who is unattractive,’ Jibran says.

The drama continues to get worse as Jibran continues to say mean things to his wife (played by Noor). According to Jibran, his wife’s cheated on him by trapping him by hiding her ‘ugliness.’
‘It is my bad luck that my daughter also inherited this curly hair from you. I’m a husband of a woman with ugly hair and a father to a daughter with the same hair,’ he adds further.

Noor can also be seen straightening her daughter’s hair to please her husband. The drama has raised many questions and the public is just not having it.

Twitter users are absolutely enraged for all the right reasons. Many women have shared pictures of their own beautiful, luscious locks.

A user also pointed out how these famous actors, who claim to be influencers, agree on doing such discriminatory storylines.

Just recently, Zarnish Khan was getting a lot of criticism for her drama. A triggering clip from the drama serial Aitebaar was going viral. The serial casts Zarnish in the lead roles. In the mentioned scene, Zarnish’s character can be seen crying and begging her husband to prove she wasn’t sexually abused after being abducted. On the other hand, her husband wouldn’t even look at her and ‘refuses to believe her innocence.’ The husband’s role is played by Syed Jibran.

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