Twitter reacts to the first episode of Midsummer Chaos

Recently, Pakistani netizens have been sharing a laugh over the web series ‘Midsummer Chaos’. The teen web series is about a group of teenagers in Islamabad.

Written and directed by Ahmed Sarym, the cast includes Mehar Bano, Mustafa Babar, Khushhal Khan, Mamia Shajaffar and more.

The plot revolves around teenagers in Islamabad that have ‘just gotten done with high school’ and is about their story before going to college. Sarym wanted it to be a ‘realistic representation of the Gen Z generation of the country’.

Recently, the first episode of the show aired, and people had a lot to say.

Here are our favorite reactions to the first episode:

Watch the first episode here:

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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