Twitter reacts to Shahroz Sabzwari’s video supporting Karachi Kings

Recently, Shahroz Sabzwari made a video in which he showed his support for Karachi Kings and asked the viewers to support them. The video was posted on Karachi Kings’ official Twitter account and reposted by the actor himself. The internet, however, is on fire after the video.

People are giving all sorts of comments and majority of them say that they have a big reason ‘not’ to support the team in PSL finals now.

Here’s what people have to say:

This is not the first time people have blown Shahroz’s comment section with trolls and hate; he has been on the radar for some time now. Ever since the news of him cheating on his ex-wife Syra Yousuf went viral, people took over Shahroz’s account to the point that he had to turn his comments off. Fans made Shahroz and Sadaf a target of sarcasm and trolls after their marriage.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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