Twitter is having a meltdown after someone called Shazia Manzoor ‘some auntie’

Twitter is having a meltdown after someone called Shazia Manzoor 'some auntie'

Twitter users recently took to the social media platform to educate Gen Z about the legendary Shazia Manzoor. They bombarded the Tweet with comments.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a TikTok video of a woman stepping out of Lamborghini singing the famous Bollywood song, ‘Lamborghini Chalai Janay O.’

The user wrote in the caption, ‘Imagine you’re trying to do your rukhsati but you get outside and see some aunty doing this at your car.’ However, this has triggered masses for the obvious reasons. This is because the woman in the picture is non other than the living legend Shazia Manzoor.

Pakistani Twitter users are schooling the individuals who don’t know about Shazia. So many people were simply disappointed with the fact that the usser didn’t recognize her. ‘Dude, I’m so disappointed by this,’ a user wrote in the comments.

‘She is a dream to meet,’ she added. Another user told him not to delete the post. ‘Really appreciate your naviety that triggered this trend,’ he wrote.

The public is thoroughly disappointed with how some people don’t know anything about the famous singer. The comments on the Tweet continue to pour as people school the user.

Who is Shazia Manzoor?

Shazia is a popular Punjabi singer in both Pakistan and India. She sang numerous Punjabi folk songs. The singer is also the voice behind many Punjabi sufi poems. Some of her famous songs include Mahi Avega, Chann Mere Makhna, Aja Sohniya, Maye Ni Kinnu Akhan and more.

Manzoor stepped into the world of singing by performing at college shows in Rawalpindi. Her other albums include Dhokebaaz, Balle Balle, Ishq Sohna and others.

The singer is known for her melodious voice. She is a big name in the Punjabi music industry.

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