Turns out Iqra Aziz copied Priyanka Chopra and 100 others!

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussein tied the knot this weekend. The festivities started with a Mayu and Mehndi event at home and followed by a beautiful Nikkah and rukhsati ceremony the next day. 

But, as soon as Iqra’s rukhsati look was revealed the internet blew up comparing her to Priyanka Chopra’s wedding look. 

Ah, classic desi people. Always have to know “which woman wore it better”. Some media outlets went as far as to say Iqra stole Priyanka’s look! 

But did she? 

Before 1947, Pakistan and India were one. We share the same history, the same heritage and a lot of the same wedding traditions. Although it’s considered more “Islamic” to wear white on our nikkahs, we’ve still always seen red as the color for barat. If a bride doesn’t wear red we hear the classic:

Ispe Dulhan wala roop nahin aya 

But why do we do that? Isn’t every dulhans roop her own? 

Here’s how many other brides before and after Priyanka wore the red on red look! 

A Pakistani bride from a few years ago!

All these brides look lovely in the way they wore the classic red. 

We have a culture of always having something negative to say, especially when it’s about criticizing someone’s wedding day or their wedding looks. Maybe we can slowly start to celebrate all women instead of always putting them against each other in a never ending “she did it better” competition. 

Do you think we’d ever get to that point? 

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