‘The constant trolling left Saniya depressed,’ actress Saniya Shamshad’s husband

'The constant trolling left Saniya depressed,' actress Saniya Shamshad's husband

Actress Saniya Shamshad’s husband recently opened up about the bullying he faced after marriage. He also revealed how it impacted him and his wife.

Saniya and her husband were recently invited to Nida Yasir’s morning show. The two talked about multiple topics. The actress’s husband, Hidayat, shared his story too.

Hidayat revealed that he belongs to India. However, he always wanted to marry a Pakistani girl. ‘I asked my friend’s wife to find me a Pakistani girl. My friend’s wife was actually Saniya’s sister’s friend,’ he added talking about how he met his wife.

Adding further into the topic, Hidayat said that he was unknown to everyone. ‘Everyone was surprised to know whom Saniya married because nobody knew me,’ he said. He mentioned that everyone trolled him after their wedding pictures went viral. ‘People trolled me on my color and my looks. They also thought that I was a Hindu,’ he said further.

Saying more about the criticism they got, the couple told that Saniya was given hateful comments. ‘People assumed she married a Hindu,’ he added telling how people thought she married for money. ‘Saniya was more depressed than me,’ he concluded.

The actress herself also shared her views on the topic. She said that she was very disturbed because being actors they get used to the hate. However, it was new for her husband and she had the urge to protect him. ‘Initially, it was too much. Later on, we got too busy with our lives,’ she added.

Saniya Shamshad

'The constant trolling left Saniya depressed,' actress Saniya Shamshad's husband

Last year, the actress was given immense hate and criticism for her maternity shoot. She shared pictures flaunting her baby bump in a black sequin dress. Shamshad looked straight away gorgeous.

However, the shoot was ‘too much’ for the public. People gave her all sorts of negative comments for the clicks.

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