Syra Yousuf claps back at bullies with ‘unrealistic’ beauty standards criticizing her skin

Syra Yousuf recently appeared in Atif Aslam song’s official video. The song ‘Raat’ has a star-studded official video featuring Syra, Mansha Pasha, Kiran Malik, and Gohar Rasheed.

Syra got her makeover done at her sister Palwasha Yousuf’s salon for the video. However, when the salon shared the model’s look on their Instagram, it became a target of immense criticism and hate. People couldn’t stop saying mean things about Syra’s skin as the picture posted was unedited, and her natural skin texture was visible. People couldn’t digest that the actress’s skin was not as ‘flawless’ as they thought it was.

Here are the comments people gave:

While many came just to criticize Syra on her skin, some poured out love for the model educating people about her natural skin texture. Moreover, many appreciated that the picture was posted ‘unedited,’ making it close to reality.

With all the ongoing discussion about Syra’s skin, Palwasha Yousaf decided to share a positive challenge with the public. She took to Instagram and challenged every girl out there to ’embrace their own skin’ without makeup and filter. She also tagged her sisters in the story.

As a response to Palwasha, Syra shared a picture of herself without filters and makeover. She told the public that she absolutely loved the way her skin is, embracing it with a raw picture, and well, she looked beyond perfect.

Social media has set some ‘unrealistic’ beauty standards for people, which negatively influences everyone and the younger generation in specific. When these standards, which are far from reality, are not met, many think they are not beautiful and just not worth it. From fair skin to a tiny waist, it’s about time that society ‘stops’ setting these bars, all of which can force one into thinking they aren’t enough.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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