Syra and Shahroz to star together in a film based on ‘winning back your ex’

Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari’s divorce was quite the headline a few months back, with Shahroz accused of cheating on his ex-wife with the model Sadaf Kanwal. He received immense hate from the public over it, while Syra was adored for how gracefully she handled the whole situation.

Months after the two have separated and Sabzwari’s second wedding, it has been revealed that the two are still working on a project that they started before their divorce.

Director Omar Essa, while talking to a media outlet, opened up about the film. He said that he is not a ‘family’ of the two actors; rather, they have a professional relationship. Both the stars have worked hard for the project, specifically Syra, and hence, they believe in it.

Although the title of the movie hasn’t been told yet, it has been revealed that it is a ‘love story.’ The film is in its final post-production stage and it is expected to be released once the cinemas re-open.

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