WATCH | Sumbul Iqbal reveals her ‘favorite rumor about herself’

Sumbul Iqbal is a famous name from the Pakistani drama industry. She has gained immense popularity because of her endless talent. Sumbul also received the award for ‘best soap drama actresses’ for her work in a drama named ‘Raju Rocket’.

Sumbul’s interview

Sumbul recently appeared in an interview with Emax TV, where she answered a number of questions about herself.
The actress was asked about the profession she would’ve chosen if she wasn’t in the entertainment industry to which she answered that she would’ve been a ‘banker’. Sumbul also told how people who lie ‘make her really angry’.
She also spoke about her drama ‘Tum ho wajha’ and said that the drama is currently her favorite because she has played the role of a character which is completely opposite from her actual personality.

Her favorite rumor

A rumor about Sumbul Iqbal went viral where people talked about her being offered a movie alongside Amir Khan. She considers this rumor her ‘favorite one’ among all the others and said that the rumor left her speechless however, she wishes it was ‘true’.

Watch her full interview here:

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