MOTIVATION: The talented Srha Asghar, and her inspiring weightloss journey

Srha Asghar has become a prominent name of the Pakistani Drama Industry in a concise time. She has appeared in drama serials like ‘Ki Jaana Main Kon’ and ‘Pyaar Kay Sadkay’. However, other than her talent, she first garnered attention after her impressive weight loss journey. Yes, Srha completely transformed.

Srha’s weight loss journey

People have always been curious to know about Srha’s weight loss journey and how she was able to lose so much weight. The actress finally decided to open up about the entire thing. She said that she loved herself even before she had lost weight and according to her, self-love is very important. She shared how she wanted to be a model but back in 2012, gained some pounds because of her genes. And hence, she had to struggle a lot to lose the weight.

She was questioned about what she did to lose the pounds she had gained, to which she replied that she worked out and burnt more calories than she consumed. She incorporated egg whites, black coffee, apple, chicken, and veggies in her diet, all of which helped her lose weight. She further added that she stuck to the same routine for a year or two and worked on her body. Moreover, it was easier for her to follow the pattern in Ramzaan, and she worked out before sehri during the month.

Srha’s weight loss journey is an inspirtation

Srha Asghar’s weight-loss journey is very inspiring, and she gave an essential message. She emphasized on the importance of self-love and how you can only lose weight if you want to do it for your OWNSELF. If an individual wants to lose weight under the pressure of someone else, then it is impossible to do so. Hence, one should always do what makes them feel good.

Here’s Srha’s complete interview. Watch it for yourself:

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