WATCH | Sonya Hussyn’s ‘Payal’ – a tribute to the legendary Iqbal Bano

The national treasure Iqbal Bano received the Pride of Performance Award for her ‘semi-classical’ ghazal songs in Urdu. She was also well-known for her classical ‘thumris’. Her most prominent works include singing the ghazals of poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

To pay tribute to the legendary singer, actress Sonya Hussyn was recently featured in one of her most memorable songs. The timeless song named ‘Payal ka Geet’ is sung by the classical Sufi singer Wahdat Rameez. The tributary song has garnered about 2 million views in 24 hours.

Sonya herself looks simply exquisite in the video with her traditional attire and we can’t stop looking at her. The viewers think that she looks as if she just stepped out of a ‘Persian Portrait’. People are not only admiring Hussyn’s look but also loving how well put together the video is.

Watch the complete video of the song here:

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  • Augustine says:

    Just just amazing video…love from India

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