Sonya Hussyn tells the ‘real tea’ about her fight with Faryal Mehmood

Sonya Hussyn tells the 'real tea' about her fight with Faryal Mehmood

Recently, in an interview, the Ishq Zahe Naseeb actress Sonya Hussyn addressed her feud with Faryal Mehmood. The actress said that the two are now on talking terms.

Previously in her appearance on Time Out with Ahsan Khan, the actress said that she doesn’t know Faryal. In the same show, Faryal herself opened up about being ‘body-shamed’ by Sonya.

 Faryal gave in the details saying that she knows Sonya even when she doesn’t know her. She also revealed that the two have been together on set.

The Raqeeb Se actress opened up about how Hussyn made fun of her and body-shamed her. She also said that she called Saraab actress out for it but it became a ‘mess.’ She then proceeded to tell how she doesn’t know what issues Sonya has with her but it’s ‘professional jealousy’ and she likes it. She also said that she loves Sonya as she is an amazing actress.

Sonya Hussyn tells the 'real tea' about her fight with Faryal Mehmood

None of the two, however, addressed their feud afterward until recently. Hussyn said that she didn’t know Faryal personally and neither did she know her. ‘We only had 2 scenes together in Farwa ki ABC,’ she added.

Answering the question of if the two are on talking terms now, Sonya said they are. ‘She hugged me when I was receiving the award,’ she said further.

Getting into the depth of how it all started, Sonya said that she only goes for strong roles. ‘I always promoted strong-headed, women-centric roles. Once I was going for a shoot when I saw the billboard of a drama named Bechari Aurat,’ she said.

The actress said that she posted a status on Facebook questioning the kind of dramas that are being made. ‘At that time, I didn’t know the drama starred Faryal,’ she said.

Sonya also confessed that she was sarcastic but ‘unknowingly.’ Hussyn said that she didn’t meet Faryal after that but on the night of the awards, she was being super nice to her. ‘If she would not have given me the confidence, I could not have spoken anything there. We really had a great interaction,’ she concluded.

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