Sonya Hussyn settles things with Mathira after the latter called her out for bullying

Mathira recently took to Instagram where she openly called Sonya Hussyn out for ‘bullying’ her and using derogatory remarks for the way she looked. The model said that while they were on their way to IPPA Awards in London, Hussyn belittled her. She further added that she was already battling depression at that point in her life and the actress made it worst. Moreover, only Azfar Rehman stood up for her.

After Mathira’s claims, Sonya Hussyn called Mathira and settled things with her. She clarified all that was wrong between the two and then took to Instagram to tell the public how she and the model have sorted things out. She also shed light on how real depression is and how no one deserves to battle it alone. She apologized to Mathira and called her a ‘sister.’

Mathira also shared how she and Sonya have cleared things between them. She further added that the reason she let it all out was because she was hurt and speaking up about it made her feel better.

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