Sonya Hussyn plays the role of an environmentalist in her upcoming drama ‘Mor Moharaan’

Mor Moharaan, which will be airing on TV One, stars Sonya Hussyn as an environmentalist from Rohi, Cholistan.

Hussyn, while talking to a reputed media outlet, revealed that her role is of a sober girl who is passionate about nature and the environment. She is a dedicated young girl who works to resolve issues that her community has to deal with, such as water consumption. Her character works in close association with the village women.

Sonya’s character is a blend of many traits. She is a professional at work who is both sober and dignified at the workplace. At her home, she is reflective.

The well-thought-of story has been written by Ali Moeen, directed by Owais Khan, and produced by Seema Taher Khan.

It is absolutely refreshing to see dramas that raise awareness about the concerning issues and give us a break from mundane family politics. It is in need of the hour that we talk about issues like climate change and the water crisis through our screen and raise awareness on it. Having a massive viewership, they can be

It is good to know that the Pakistani drama industry is actually moving forward and coming up with constructive topics rather than the typical saas-bahu issues and love stories.

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