Why does Indian Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa comments on every single photo of Sajal Aly?

Sajal Aly’s exceptional acting skills are appreciated all over the country. People appreciate her for being immensely talented. However, it seems like Sajal isn’t only admired in the country but across the border.

Sonam Bajwa, a big name in Pollywood, India’s Punjabi movie industry, shared her views on the Pakistani actress. Many have seen Sonam commenting on Sajal’s pictures on and off on Instagram and giving her love. She now opened up about what she thinks about the actress in an interview and called herself Aly’s ‘biggest fan.’ She said she feels pleased sharing her thoughts on the actress. Moreover, she thinks Sajal is ‘phenomenal’ and ‘extraordinary.’ Sonam further mentioned that Sajal Aly is the ‘finest actress of our time.’

Sonam Bajwa said she looks up to Sajal Aly.

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