Social media users unhappy with the inaccurate representation of a brown family in Ms. Marvel

Social media users unhappy with the inaccurate representation of a brown family in Ms. Marvel

Pakistanis were surely excited for the Pakistani-American superhero’s tale in Ms. Marvel. However, the representation of a brown family has clearly disappointed many.

The Marvel production dropped its first clip recently and people are upset. In the video, Kamala Khan (Iman Velliani) can be seen struggling to choose between twinning with her father in a Desi hulk outfit as her mother wants, or skipping an Avenger’s theme school party. Social media users are calling out the ‘far from reality’ and cringy depiction of a brown family in the scene.

The clip starts with the 16-year-old hiding a homemade superhero costume which is inspired by her personal hero for the Avenger’s themed party. Kamala is happy to get permission to go to the party from her mother. But the happiness doesn’t last long as she finds out her mother’s ‘conditions’ behind the permission.

The conditions include not only taking her dad along to the party but also twinning with him. Kamala’s mother shows her the ‘shalwar kameez’ version of a Hulk outfit she wants her to wear to the party. Words like ‘abbu’ and ‘haram’ were also used to add the Pakistani touch. Moreover, the accent adopted by the family was clearly more Indian than Pakistani.

Twitter users are pointing out all that is wrong with the clip. A user wrote, ‘Indian English accent, Indian actors, ‘so much haram going on’ is exactly how Bollywood thinks Muslims/Pakistanis talk. This isn’t Pakistani representation. It is how Bollywood has always perceived and shown Pakistanis to be. What a waste honestly!’

Other users had the same feelings about the clip. ‘They really put all brown stereotypes into one scene. That’s actually really impressive,’ another user wrote.

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  • Shazia Saif says:

    Seriously chak day phattay

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