‘Tum maamay lagtay ho?’, Shoaib Akhtar believes that women should be allowed to wear whatever they like

Shoaib Akhtar recently appeared in an interview with Mira Sethi.

In the interview, a completely different side of Shoaib can be seen. He talked about his spiritual life and so much more than just cricket.

The cricketer talked about his spiritual life and his closeness to the religion. He said that he has taken many Islamic scholar’s lessons and has also read many Islamic books to gain knowledge.

He further added that although he is not a scholar, he is closely linked to his religion. He believes that religion gives individual freedom and instructs us to give freedom to others around us as well. Shoaib also said that he visited Karbala and described it as a ‘great’ experience.

The discussion came down to women and if they should be allowed to wear whatever they want. To this, the former bowler shared his views. He said that if one can not help women, they should at least give them space. Whatever a woman chooses to wear is a matter between her and Allah, and no third person has the authority to say anything.

He also said that his wife does niqaab, and it is purely her own choice. He never pressured her into doing it.

Here’s Shoaib Akhtar’s complete interview:

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