‘She is shameless and heartless,’ Sharmila Faruqui blasts Nadia Khan

'She is shameless and heartless,' Sharmila Faruqui blasts Nadia Khan

PPP leader Sharmila Faruqui has slammed Nadia Khan. The politician is unhappy with the morning show host for making a video with her mother.

Recently, a clip from actress Saboor Aly’s wedding is going viral. In the clip, morning show host Nadia Khan can be seen interviewing Sharmila Faruqui’s mother. In the short video, Nadia asks Sahthe politician’s mother about her dressing and makeover choices.

‘You have such a great sense of dressing. Where did you learn makeup from?’ Nadia questioned. ‘From Sharmila,’ her mother replied. Khan also asked Anisa Faruqui if she is into ‘dressing’ up since childhood.

After the clip made rounds on the internet, Sharmila strongly reacted to it. She was furious over the video and threatened that she would take legal action. A well-reputed media outlet reached out to the politician questioning what happened. Faruqi revealed that she reached out to Nadia and told her how it was ‘shameless’ of her to do such a thing. ‘She doesn’t have anything else to do so she is going to get publicity by making such videos,’ the politician said.

According to Sharmila, the morning show host believes she hasn’t done ‘anything wrong.’ She also asked the politician to stop using ‘harsh words’ with her. Sharmila Faruqui further stated that the host is shameless and heartless. ‘My mother is a simple woman and she is trying to survive without her husband,’ she added.

Talking about the legal action she is going to take, Sharmila said that she would talk to the head of cybercrime. ‘I’m going to take it to every forum,’ she said. The politician also said that she would’ve done the same if it would have been someone other than her mother. ‘We have stopped respecting our elders,’ she concluded.

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