‘Sharmila used the word shameless for me, which is the actual crime,’ Nadia Khan replies

'Sharmila used the word shameless for me, which is the actual crime,' Nadia Khan replies

Nadia Khan and Sharmila Faruqi have been trending over social media recently. The politician has threatened Khan with taking legal action against her for ‘disrespecting’ her mother.

Sharmila has been updating the public with the legal procedure that she is going through against the morning show host. She took to Twitter and disclosed that she has filed an official complaint against Nadia at the FIA cybercrime head office. Earlier, the politician had informed that she would be taking it to ‘every forum.’

The morning show host hadn’t addressed the situation until recently. Nadia and her husband made a detailed video where the two talked about the whole situation. According to her, she didn’t recognize Anisa Farooqi. ‘Anisa came to me herself and told me she’s my fan. She said she wanted to take a picture with me,’ she added.

‘After she told me she is Sharmila’s mother, my respect for her increased so much. We had a good conversation,’ the host said further. She also said that Anisa is a very sweet woman and she genuinely complimented her. ‘I love women who take care of themselves at every age which is why I complimented Anisa too,’ Nadia added.

Talking further on the top, Khan urged everyone to go see the clip. ‘Point out even one offensive word that I have used for her mother,’ she said. ‘Sharmila used the word shameless for me. This is an insult and a crime,’ Nadia said.

The morning show host mentioned that she is offended by Faruqui’s choice of words. ‘You should be ashamed of using such words for another woman,’ Khan said.

Nadia Khan concluded the video by directly addressing Sharmila Faruqui. She said that she still believes her mother is beautiful and so was her makeover. ‘She is fit at this age and she’s an inspiration,’ she added further.

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