PPP’s Sharmila Faruqui just complimented Maryam Nawaz’s dressing and we agree!

PPP's Sharmila Faruqui just complimented Maryam Nawaz's dressing and we agree!

If we short-list the politicians who have great taste in fashion, Maryam Nawaz would be on top. The PML-N’s vice president sure knows how to make a fashion statement.

Every time the politician steps into the public, she makes headlines mainly because of her decent fashion taste. Even if she wears something minimalist, she is always the show stopper. PPP’s Sharmila Faruqui has recently expressed how impressed she is Nawaz’s dressing. She posted a picture of Maryam on Twitter, noticing her matching shoes with the dress.

‘Can’t decide which came first? The shoe or the dress but pretty impressive,’ she wrote.

Well, we do agree. Nawaz always has a unique aspect in her dressing. From her clothes to her shoes, everything is always on point.

The floral kameez and pants that the politician is wearing in the picture are basically by Sania Maskatiya.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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