Sharmila Faruqi replies to Gohar Rasheed, says ‘oppression is not a choice’

The slapback scene of Falak from the drama Laapata has sparked a lot of debate. Gohar Rasheed, who’s playing the role of Daniyal in the drama, endorsed the idea of women hitting back. In a lengthy Instagram post, Gohar said that ‘oppression is a choice’ and that women should make the decision Falak did.

Numerous people did not agree with the actor’s point of view, including the politician Sharmila Faruqi. She commented on Rasheed’s post. Faruqi schooled the actor that oppression is not a choice but a hard reality. She wrote, ‘Thousands of women are oppressed daily not because they chose to be oppressed but because they don’t have the choice to hit back or leave.’

‘Marital rapes, domestic violence, acid victims, child marriages are rampant in our society because the victims are helpless physically and financially. They suffer in silence,’ she wrote further. Sharmila mentioned how the women who actually do speak up, are silenced, murdered, or divorced. ‘The victim-blaming never ends. It is a vicious cycle,’ she added.

Sharmila Faruqi replies to Gohar Rasheed, says 'oppression is not a choice'

Gohar Rasheed also replied to Sharmila’s comment on his post. He defended the scene from the serial. He questioned Faruqi about how she believes the cycle could be broken. According to him, women should change their mindset with the idea of not being oppressed. Kubra Khan agreed with Rasheed’s reply to Sharmila as she wrote, ‘Well said G man.’

Gohar Rasheed replies to Sharmila Faruqi

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