‘What message are you sending across to the public?’ Sharmila Faruqi expresses disappointment over Ayeza Khan’s scene from Laapata

A scene from HUM Tv’s drama ‘Laapata’ is getting a lot of criticism recently. The clip going viral is of Ayeza Khan who is playing TikToker Geeti in the drama.

In the scene, Geeti was making false harassment allegations against a shopkeeper. The clip has sparked a lot of controversies. People, including celebrities, are talking about how problematic the scene is. People are enraged over how irresponsible the drama industry and big actors like Ayeza are. In times when crimes against women are increasing every day, such depiction can only add to the problem.

Among the people expressing their concern was politician Sharmila Faruqi, who took to Instagram to talk about the issue. Faruqi called out the drama industry and Ayeza for their insensitive take on harassment. She wrote, ‘appalled to see a clip from drama serial laapata where Geeti played by @ayezakhan.ak is seen blackmailing a shopkeeper with false harassment claims.’

‘Trust me, harassment is real, it’s hurtful and just destroys you. Women in our country have been going through hell for crimes against them.. such Pakistani dramas which show extreme insensitivity towards such issues need to take responsibility for such poor depiction of real-time issues being faced by women across the country.’ She went on saying.

The politician further wrote, ‘the general public idolizes dramas & the stars working in them. What message are you sending across to them? Our country has seen an unfortunate surge in horrendous crimes against women and humanity at large. This only makes it worse.’

Sharmila ended the post by telling the public that she loves the actress for her worthwhile roles.

Many individuals agreed to Sharmila’s take on the whole scenario.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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