‘Don’t think you’ll ever be Mahira Khan’ Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy lashes out at Sonya Hussyn

An old clip of Sonya Hussyn from 2018 is taking over the internet. In the video, Sonya criticized Mahira Khan for choosing to do Raees. Raees, which marked Khan’s debut in Bollywood, starred the actress alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

Hussyn was of the view that even if it was Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, she wouldn’t have ever done Raees as she wouldn’t want to be Shah Rukh’s sidekick character.

After the old video resurfaced the internet, Oscar winning director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy lashed out at Sonya Hussyn. The director commented saying that Sonya can never be Mahira Khan and hence, she will never get a chance to say ‘no’ to a movie alongside Shah Rukh. She also advised Hussyn not to dis other women in the industry as it reflects poorly on a person and also speaks a lot about their upbringing.

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  • Amber memon says:

    What she is doing to her ? Praise

  • Ch Muhammad shahbaz arif says:

    Sharmeen herself a traitor

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