Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy explains her statement on Turkish Actors working in Pakistan

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy gave a statement about Esra Bilgic being Peshawar Zalmi’s ‘ambassador’ a few days back and received immense backlash. She was totally against it and the fact that a ‘Turkish’ actress would be a mascot for cricket when the specific sport isn’t even played in their country. She was of the point of view that it should’ve been a Pakistani actress instead of an international star.

Here’s what she posted:

Despite the hate, she faced after her comment, Sharmeen continued to defend her stance. She took to her Instagram, where she tried to explain her point of view. She asked the public about the amount of Pakistani films made in the year 2020 and how many brands slashed their ‘budgets’ due to COVID.

She continued posting on her stories asking people how they ‘expect’ the artists to survive when the industry is taking away their opportunities. After stating some facts, the award-winning director told the public that importing foreign actors is something that the Pakistani industry can not afford. Moreover, we should practice ‘Be Pakistani and Buy Pakistani’ if we talk about it. She concluded by saying that she welcomes the day when the industry will flourish and thrive and would be able to afford foreign actors but not when the talent in the own country is struggling for opportunities, and someone else is availing them.

Here are Sharmeen’s Instagram stories:

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