Away from your loved ones this Ramzan? Shaniera Akram can relate!

The philanthropist Shaniera Akram took to Instagram where she opened up about missing her husband Wasim Akram and described the struggle of being away from someone special in the Holy, blessed month of Ramzan.

Akram posted a picture of herself with her husband and wrote a heart-warming emotional caption. She mentioned that she had been away from Wasim for over 145 days now and was heartbroken over the distance. However, she is still grateful since people are going through things bigger than that. Shaniera further talked about the ongoing pandemic praying that it ends soon.

She also wrote in the post that despite her being away from her husband, she knows that their love has no boundaries. Akram ended the post with a prayer to those longing to see their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has been hard for everyone. So many have said goodbye to those close to their hearts forever and so many are separated by distance. The new normal has disturbed the routines of so many people, as some grieve the loss of a loved one while others find themselves stuck in financial constraints.

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