Shaista Lodhi reveals the secret behind her flawless skin

Shaista Lodhi may be famous for numerous reasons but her flawless, glowing skin will always top the list. Shaista is a Pakistani television host who is also an actress. Her famous serial ‘Waada’ alongside Faisal Qureshi gained a lot of fame with people absolutely in love with Lodhi’s acting skills.

Other than being a host and an actress, Lodhi is a doctor who has her own aesthetics clinic. Shaista’s glowing and youthful skin has always been famous and people remain curious to know the secrets behind her gorgeous skin.

Shaista spilled the beans on her skincare recently and told the public that it is actually the ‘Cocktail Facial for Instant Glow and Shine’ that keeps her skin radiant and healthy. In a video on slaestheticsclinic Instagram, Lodhi showed people the process of cocktail facial and also described its benefits,

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