Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Raees’ was offered to another actress before Mahira Khan!

‘Raees’ is a very famous Bollywood Movie starring Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan. It was the first time a Pakistani actress was cast opposite Shahrukh Khan, needless to say – It was a big deal!

Issues on both sides of the border caused delays in the release of the movie but eventually, it was released and most people loved it!

In a recent episode of “Say it all by Iffat” guest Iman Ali revealed that she was offered the role first!

Host Iffat asks her why she didn’t end up doing the movie and she revealed that when she got the offer she had asked for the script, which she thinks might’ve offended them.

The host then asks “It’s a movie with Shahrukh! and you asked for the script?”

She replied “Yes! It’s my right to demand the script, I don’t do projects until I read the script and fall in love with it!”

“I just want to do films, it’s not about who it’s with, it just has to be a good role and it has to be a good story”

Iman Ali

The host goes on to ask why she’d let the opportunity go, considering working in Bollywood has its obvious advantages?

She answered saying “Whatever advantages Allah has planned for me will always come to me, no one can stand in the way of them and working in India wouldn’t give me an advantage unless it’s been planned for me by Him”

In the end, Mahira Khan bagged the role instead and did a beautiful job portraying her character. Knowing that Iman Ali could’ve been “Aasiya” instead makes us wonder, would it have been better if she had been cast instead? Or was Mahira the perfect Aasiya all along?

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