[VIDEO] Shahroz Sabzwari & Sadaf Kanwal reveal their guide to ‘handling criticism’

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari talk about how they handled ‘criticism’ on their marriage.

The couple had their simple Nikkah ceremony during the lockdown with family members and close friends. Sadaf in a recent interview talked about how she always wanted her marriage to be ‘low-key’. Shahroz also shared his views and said that ‘there’s no use in inviting people who are not even happy.’ They gave some more details about the wedding in the interview including the dishes that they served

They also opened up about the backlash that they had to face from many people after their marriage was made public. Shahroz was labeled as a ‘cheater’ and Sadaf as a ‘home-wrecker’. The couple said that their elders have advised them about it and told them that ‘if a group stops on its way to react to barking dogs, it will never reach its destination.’ They further added that they reached their ‘destination’ and left the haters barking.

The model said that the hateful comments didn’t impact her to the least. She also appreciated her husband, father-in-law, and the rest of the family. Moreover, what happened to her isn’t something ‘new’ and happened to people before as well. She wants the haters to continue with their ‘negative comments’ because she believes they’re taking away her ‘sins.’

Shahroz admired his wife and praised her by saying that she is mentally strong enough to deal with such situations.

In an old interview, Shahroz claimed that he is against ‘item numbers’. However, Sadaf’s item number was very popular. The model said that her husband has ‘no problems’ with it and the couple has never discussed it.

The actor also justified his previous statement and said that he meant ‘if an item number is a necessity, it should be there. But to sell a movie, it doesn’t suit.’ He also added that Kaif-o-Suroor fits perfectly in the movie and is his ‘favorite item song’.

Sadaf Kanwal closed the topic by saying that she will discontinue doing item songs because she has a ‘big family’ which she needs to care about now.

شادی پر تنقید: ’میں تو کہتی ہوں لوگ مزید بولیں تاکہ میرے گناہ دھلیں ‘

شادی پر تنقید: ’میں تو کہتی ہوں لوگ مزید بولیں تاکہ میرے گناہ دھلیں‘صدف اور شہروز سبزواری نے شادی شدہ زندگی اور نئے پروجیکٹ سے متعلق مزید کیا کہا، پڑھیے: https://www.independenturdu.com/node/40596

Posted by Independent Urdu on Saturday, July 4, 2020

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