“Sadaf had nothing to do with my divorce” Shahroz Sabzwari releases an official statement

By now, all of Pakistan knows that Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal have gotten married. Unlike most weddings, where the couple is showered with blessings and love, these two were flooded with people’s hate comments instead.

Their names were even trending on Twitter all day and night following the announcement:

Their wedding is probably one of the only ones that have been met with so much public outrage on social media. Over the past 24 hours, people went from angry to angrier at the fact that Shehroz had denied all rumours attached to Sadaf 6 months ago only to marry her at the end anyway – making the public feel like they were lied to.

Shahroz just released another video stating the truth surrounding his divorce and the circumstances that lead up to his wedding to Sadaf:

In the video he says:

“Syra and I had separated months before I ever even met Sadaf. When I had released my last video statement, I wasn’t lying, Sadaf was still just a colleague”

He added on by saying that he’s making this video for his daughter. He thinks that his daughter, who’s really young right now, might get to know of all of this outrage when she’s a little older and she might have questions. In order to let her know where her father stood at the time of the outrage he released the video so it lives on the internet forever.

He further tried to shut down the rumours by “challenging” anyone who calls his now wife, Sadaf, a homewrecker or the reason for his divorce to Syra Yousuf, should come out with the evidence to support their claims. Although he disabled the comments under his statement aswell as his photographs of the wedding.

Watch the full statement here:


Do you believe him? Or do you think that he’s just saying this and lying because he wants the hate comments targeting him and Sadaf to stop? Let us know in the comments below!

  • shahnaz says:

    i think a muslim didnot tell alie using quran and our prophet as a witness

  • Mrs.imran says:

    Galti sy like hugaya?

  • Me says:

    You are a bastard loser complex

  • Khalid says:

    And he thinks that we’re going to believe him now?

  • Rukhsana Khan says:

    He is a Lier and cheater

  • Nazir Asjad says:

    Fake jotha

  • Abid says:

    Ye kya gand k sath shadi ke hay.

  • Anum says:

    He is lair… If he was so concerned about his daughter he would have never divorced syra ever
    Sadaf is a home wrecker

  • Zubia says:

    He is a cheater a lier and thr gurl sadaf is for sure a homewreker and such people never live happily Aur hamaray Allah hi kafi hai

  • Amber says:

    Liar and fraud

  • Ali says:

    Love Pakistan’s unity in a fight for a mother cheated by her husband. Married men like Shahroz are dying to get attention from other women even if they have a beautiful wife and child they do not deserve. Women like Sadaf are ugly inside out waiting like a hawk to pounce at any of such desperados. Match made in hell. The first wife should gift them the child and find a better life partner.

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