‘None of my daughters are on social media,’ Shahid Afridi calls out fake accounts

'None of my daughters are on social media,' Shahid Afridi calls out fake accounts

Legendary cricketer, Shahid Afridi recently clarified that his daughters are not on social media. The clarification came in response to a fake account.

Afridi shared a screenshot of a Twitter account impersonating his daughter. The former captain of the Pakistan cricket team took to social media. He publicly announced that none of his daughters are on social media. The account was pretending to be Afridi’s daughter, Ansha.

He also urged the public to ‘disregard’ any news or accounts that are associated with his daughters.

In today’s times, it’s rare to come across someone who doesn’t have a social media account. Even those with the most regressive ideas use fake accounts. This has added to the problem.

Multiple people simply use public figures’ names for their accounts. A vast majority fall into believing that the account is real especially if the individual isn’t on social media themselves. However, creating a fake ID is a crime but that doesn’t stop such people. The trend of creating such accounts has become disturbingly common.

Previously, Nadia Khan was defrauded by an IT expert. The morning show host took help from FIA for the purpose. She also raised awareness about cybercrime in her morning show.

Moreover, Pakistani television presenter, Hamid Mir, also claimed a similar experience. Mir said that a verified Facebook page under his name didn’t belong to him. He also reached out to Facebook for the purpose.

Creating fake IDs and impersonating someone is a crime and has legal punishments. Many celebrities simply let these account owners slip. But celebrities like Alyzeh Gabol makes sure to take them to the court.

She called out all such people. Gabol was furious and took legal action against the account owners.

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