Shaan just dropped the trailer for “Zarrar” & it was definitely worth the wait

Shaan has been working on a film called “Zarrar” for the past 4 years now. We’ve been hearing about it for a really long time but now we finally get to take a look at it’s trailer!

The film is packed with an impressive cast. To name a few it features Shaan himself, Nadeem Baig, Kiran Malik, Adnan Butt and Nayyar Ejaz.

He uploaded the trailer on YouTube on 23rd March with the message

“Let’s celebrate Pakistan Day and save this country in these stressful times. As responsible citizens, we bring you the trailer of the most entertaining, most anxiously awaited blockbuster of the year. Stay at home and celebrate with ZARRAR!”

Finally! A Pakistani movie that ISN’T just about grand weddings!

The 3-minute trailer shows us the theme of the video. An ISI special agent (Shaan himself) taking down a group of terrorists by himself no biggie.

It seems like we’re going to get a fair share of action with a little side of love in the film. Apart from that, the trailer is very aesthetically pleasing, from the shots to the locations it all seems like they paid attention to every little detail!

The trailer came as a nice surprise and we’re very excited to see if the film lives up to the standard set by the trailer. What do you think about it? Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments!

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