WATCH | Saudi Singer writes, drops her new song during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Tamtam has uploaded her new single ‘Heartsick’ during the global pandemic.

Who is Tamtam?

Tamtam is a Saudi singer and songwriter who is currently based in Los Angeles. She has collaborated with a fellow Saudi and a music producer for her new single.

The singer says that she wrote the song during COVID and is really ‘excited’ for everyone to listen to the song. She considers this to be a big motivation for Saudi artists who are passionate about ‘music’.

Amid the pandemic when everyone had their lives and normal routines greatly disturbed, Tamtam was a ray of hope for many artists. With the cancellation of tours and live shows, Tamtam has given a new path for the artists to follow and express their art. The singer encourages online platforms like YouTube and has promoted the concept of ‘online concerts’.

Tamtam is also behind many hits such as ‘Gender game’ and ‘Drive’. She is also working on another project which will reflect her Arabic culture.

Watch her interview here:

Listen to her new single ‘Heartsick’ here:

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