Sarwat Gilani gives a message of interfaith harmony by celebrating Raksha Bandhan with her Hindu cook

Sarwat Gilani recently shared a video on her Instagram story in which she was seen celebrating Raksha Bandhan with her cook, Ghanaish. Rakhi Bandhan is a Hindu ritual that is celebrated to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters.

Sarwat was tying a rakhi around Ghanaish’s wrist and she expressed how she wants the minorities living in Pakistan to feel welcomed and loved.

She also wished that the two stay together for eternity.

Watch the complete video here:

The Churails star is giving a message of love and interfaith harmony. The actress wants every Pakistani to make the minorities feel loved and hence. she did the sweet gesture to make her Hindu cook feel appreciated.

Previously, Sarwat Gilani responded to the criticism that she received over an intimate photograph with her husband. She called the public out for ignoring the more serious issues and instead, highlighting such things.

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