‘Shall we send you a TV?’ Sarwat Gilani opens up about inappropriate comments from men during her pregnancy

Sarwat Gilani opens up about inappropriate comments from men during her pregnancy

Actress Sarwat Gilani has shared an incident with a male relative in an interview. She revealed the inappropriate comment that he gave her.

Gilani recently appeared in a show hosted by Ahsan Khan along with her husband Fahad Mirza. The actress and her husband were spotted sharing their thoughts on multiple topics. They also addressed the controversies revolving around them in the past.

The Churails actress opened up about an offensive comment that a ‘male’ relative gave to the couple. She said that when she was expecting her second child, the relative told them that he would send them a television.

She further explained what he meant. The Khasara star said that the man told them that he’d send them a TV since the couple seems bored.

Sarwat elaborated saying that he meant if the couple gets busy watching TV, they wouldn’t make any babies.

The actress even said that they had no such level of frankness with that person. Moreover, she believes such comments always come from men.

Sarwat Gilani is an absolute icon. She has really strong acting skills. Other than that, the actress is vocal about many issues. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights.

Previously, the actress shared her thoughts on how boys of this generation should be raised. She shared in the interview that she believes the key is to focus on minor things. She also expressed how she wants to open an edutainment space for children. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the actress realized how parents lack communication with their children.  Gilani believes there’s a dire need for the kids to get out and do something that is not only entertaining but creative as well. She talked about how COVID has impacted the kids negatively making them socially awkward.

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