Sarwat Gilani shares how she thinks boys of this generation should be raised

Sarwat Gilani shares how she thinks boys of this generation should be raised

Sarwat Gilani was recently invited to a YouTube talk show where she shared her perspective on raising children. Gilani talked about how she believes the boys should be groomed so they become kind and respectful individuals when they grow up.

The Churails actress, Sarwat Gilani, was spotted in Momina’s Mixed Plate on YouTube. Momina asked Gilani’s her perspective on how to raise the boys better. She further asked the actress the one value she wants to instill in her kids.

Gilani replied saying that she Googled how she could tell her kids to open the door for a girl or woman. Sarwat said that she found really interesting articles on the internet that told her to focus on the little things. Elaborating further, she said, ‘The way they talk to their house help, their nannies, how do they address the nanny if there is a problem.’

The actress believes that the key is to focus on the little things. ‘It’s the little things we need to remind them. To not eat before everyone’s at the table. To leave a chair or a place if someone is standing. These things need to start from home,’ she said.

The host also questioned Gilani about her desire to open up an ‘edutainment’ space for children. Gilani opened up about how she got the idea. She said, ‘I did this arts and crafts thing during quarantine and it was very well received.’

‘The kind of questions that the parents would ask me made me realize that there’s a huge communication gap between children and parents. We really don’t know how to talk to our children,’ Sarwat added into the conversation. Gilani believes there’s a dire need for the kids to get out and do something that is not only entertaining but creative as well. She talked about how COVID has impacted the kids negatively making them socially awkward.

Watch the complete interview here:

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