Sarah Khan has finally spilled the beans behind her perfect lips

Well, who doesn’t know Sarah Khan? She is one of the leading names of the Pakistani drama industry, who has taken over the industry and everyone’s hearts through her talent and exceptional skills.
From innocent, positive roles to negative roles like Miraal, Sarah has shown us that she can do it all.

Sarah Khan is gorgeous. But one feature that people really notice is her lips, and she is commonly asked about them. The actress finally decided to reveal the tips to achieve a flawless pout. She shared a 4-step routine on her Instagram story.

The first step included using a lip balm. The actress mentioned that using a balm will condition the lips, and we second her on that. Lip balms provide the required moisture and hydration to your lips, helping that dry, flakey skin or any cracks that might be there due to dehydration. She also said that lip balms make the lips look a lot fuller.

The second step is the beauty secret that almost every MUA suggests, i.e., using a darker lip pencil around the lips to outline it and give the lips a sharp and enhanced shape. This step is essential since the lips’ overall look highly depends on how one draws them.

The third step is using the main lip color to fill in the lips. Sarah revealed that she creates her own colors by mixing a variety of shades.

The last step includes rubbing your finger into the lip color to distribute it to every corner evenly. She further advised to directly press the finger on the lips along the natural lip line. This will provide you the needed look.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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