Sarah Khan responds to the criticism after she posted a drama teaser just a few days after her father passed away

Sarah Khan’s father passed away a few days back, and the fans sent out a lot of love and prayers. Sarah shared a very special bond with her late parents, and she often talked about it in her interviews.

A few days after her father’s death, Sarah posted the teaser of her recent drama ‘Raqs e Bismil’, for which she was subjected to trolls and insensitive comments. People called her out for posting a teaser and being concerned about the drama a few days after she experienced such a huge and irreplaceable loss.

The actress responded to the hateful comments with grace. She said that these comments are all meaningless as even if she posted the teaser after a month, her grief would still not lessen.

Here’s what Sarah responded:

It is truly saddening to see how insensitive people tend to get and say whatever they feel like without taking into consideration that the actors and actresses have a personal space, which they are fully entitled to.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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