Sanam Saeed shares her stance on the safety of women in Pakistan

The former model, Sanam Saeed, appeared in a short film named ‘Ab Buss’, which was inspired by the motorway incident. The film was uploaded on YouTube on the 6th of November, and Sanam played the leading role in the film.

In a recent interview with a media outlet, Sanam talked about her views on Pakistani women’s safety. She first spoke about her film, saying that keeping in view the cases of violence against women, this one is an ‘eye-opener’ for many. She found the script very well written.

The actress further discussed the safety measures she takes to keep herself safe during these tough times. She said that she keeps all the ’emergency’ contacts on speed dial. Her car windows have a slight tint in them, and she is aware of the ranger and police posts, so, in case of emergency, she knows where to go. She considers keeping a pepper spray in her bag as a smart decision as well.

Sanam Saeed also gave a message to the young girls who want to step into the real world and fulfill their dreams but hesitate. She spoke about the predators in the world, advising the young girls to be alert. She said that girls should be confident. She added that little girls should have a support system and know that their voice is important.

Here’s a link the the film ‘Ab Buss’:

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